Progress Monitoring for Success in 1st Grade

Easily collect and review data to inform instruction in your 1st grade classroom

  • Effortlessly track progress of skills across content areas
  • Seamlessly report personalized data to parents
  • Gain access to a free library of customizable assessments
  • Immediately determine students’ strengths and weaknesses to group for instruction

First Grade Teachers Can Test Two Ways

First grade teachers have the option to choose how to assess certain skills, either one-on-one or self-assess. Use our introductory series of tests, choose a student, then select which way to test based on their individual skill set.


One-on-one assessing uses the teacher computer with the student looking at the screen or linking two devices.


Self-assessing takes place on individual devices in the classroom or in a lab setting where the entire class progresses through the assigned assessments at their own rate.

ESGI’s Test Explorer has First Grade Skills Tests

  • Free Pre-loaded Assessments
  • Standards-aligned
  • ELA/Math/Observational/SEL

Examples of First Grade One-on-One Tests

  • Apply Properties of Addition and Subtraction
  • Coins
  • Compare Two Numbers Using Symbols <,>,=
  • Decoding: Blends & Diagraphs
  • Decoding: Vowel Teams, Diphthongs, R-Controlled
  • Dolch/Fry Sight Word Lists
  • Inflectional Endings
  • Measurement
  • Segmenting
  • Solving Word Problems
  • Spelling Patterns

Examples of First Grade Self-Assess Tests

  • Add and Subtract to 10 Fluently
  • Algebraic Patterns & Connections
  • Decoding Initial Sounds
  • Develops & Answers Questions
  • Identify 2 Digit Place Value
  • Number Sense & Operations
  • Order & Measure by Length
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Uses Inflections & Affixes
  • Word Attack Auditory Cue