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ESGI is the simplest, easiest to use assessment platform for conducting one-on-one assessments for emergent and non-readers.

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ESGI Features

2000+ Preloaded Assessments

Quickly access assessments for CCSS, SEL, Reading Intervention, state standards, and more!

Shared Assessments

Easily create your own or edit ESGI assessments to share across your school or district.

Charts, Graphs, and Reports

Guide instruction with real-time student data for individual students or your entire class.

Instructional Resources

Practice skills with individualized flashcards and a Bingo game!

Customized Parent Letters

Increase parent communication with parent letters and reports.

Parent Conferences

Streamline parent conference scheduling with personalized reminders.

Free Admin and Pre-Assess Accounts

View real time data in multi-tiered reporting levels and automate the kindergarten pre-screening process.