For Your School or District?

Easy Progress Monitoring

Improve Learning & Guide Instruction

Assessments Series
  • 2020 K and 1st Gap Analysis
  • Pre-K and TK Foundation Skills
  • SEL Assessments
  • Dolch Sight Words
  • State Standard Aligned
  • Reading Intervention

Implement in Classrooms or At Home

  • Assess students at school, at home or in hybrid models
  • Monitor progress accurately and authentically in real time
  • Administer easily using Zoom, Google Meet or any district video conferencing

Monitor School and District Growth

  • Monitor district progress with free administrator accounts
  • Review performance data on each school and class
  • Place incoming kindergarten using pre-assess accounts

Increase Parent Engagement

  • Provide parents with personalized Flash Cards, Bingo and Parent letters
  • Share reports with mastered and unmastered skills
  • Generate letters and templates in Spanish and other languages

Cost & Funding Options

ESGI is an online, subscription-based platform that meets the criteria for multiple funding sources:

  • Title I Part A
  • Title III Part A
  • IDEA (SpED)
  • School Improvement Grants
  • Cares Act
  • RTI


Implementing ESGI is simple. Educators can start assessing students almost immediately using the over 2,000 pre-loaded tests and free support services:

  • Integrate with Clever, Classlink or Aeries
  • Roster students with automated importing options
  • Schedule free online training webinars and on demand videos

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