Viva Las Vegas! Viva ESGI!

The first year we decided to take ESGI on the road to the I Teach K! conference in Vegas we had an awesome time, but we wondered, “Was it beginner’s luck?” In 2015 we decided to “double down” and go back for a second year. We met more teachers, gave away more prizes and did double our fun from the first conference. This year we are headed back to fabulous Las Vegas with even bigger and better prizes in the bags. We know it’ll be outstanding. The third time’s the charm, right?!


SDE’s I Teach K! Conference

What is I Teach K! anyway? It’s the National Conference for Kindergarten Teachers sponsored by SDE (Staff Development for Educators). It’s five days (July 18-22) of learning from and collaborating with top Kindergarten education experts in over 140 content-rich sessions. It’s not too late to register for I Teach K! Check it out here!


ESGI Classroom Connections

Once again we will be hosting our own professional-development sessions in our booths in the exhibit hall. We call it “Classroom Connections.” If you want to connect with top teachers and make connections for using ESGI in your own classroom, please stop by. You can’t miss us—our booth is right by the entrances to the exhibit hall.

Here are some of the presenters you can connect with at our booth during the conference:


Monday, July 18

Deedee Wills—Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten

Marsha McGuire—Differentiated Kindergarten

Katie Mense—Little Warriors

Greg Smedley-Warren—The Kindergarten Smorgasboard


Tuesday, July 19

Brittany Banister—Mrs. Banister’s Kindergarten Kids

Deanna Jump—Mrs. Jump’s Class

Kim Adsit—Kindergals

Vera Ahiyya-The Tutu Teacher

Palma Lindsay—KFUNdamentals

Mary Amoson—Sharing Kindergarten


Wednesday, July 20

Debbie Clement—Rainbows within Reach

Heidi Butkus—HeidiSongs

Adam Peterson—Teachers Learn Too

Kim Jordano—Kinder by Kim

Chad Boender- Male Kindergarten Teacher


Thursday, July 21

Donna Whyte—The Smartie Zone

Greg Smedley-Warren— The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

Chris Pombonyo—Famous in First



Ready to take a chance with our prize wheel? You just might win a Selfie Stick, T-shirt, Backpack, Koozie, Candy, or even a FREE YEAR of ESGI! The prize wheel could even give you a chance to win our grand prize, an iPad Pro. Feeling lucky? Visit the booth and take a spin.


Roving Reporter and Prize Patrol

Not sure how much time you’ll have to hang around our booths? When you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you! This year Chris Pombonyo (Famous in First) is coming along to Vegas with us to be our roving reporter. If he spots you in one of our super-stylish ESGI T-shirts, he’ll hand you a prize ticket to spin the wheel back at our booth. Can’t go to Vegas? Watch for Chris’ live videos with presenters on Facebook!


Double Down! Extra Free Days with ESGI

So even if you’re not going to Vegas, we’ve got something for you to take a chance on. You’re not really taking a chance though, because in this case you’re sure to win! It’s our Double Down Giveaway.  Go to and sign up for a 60 day free trial.  Use Promo Code: summer16 and DOUBLE your trial period to 120 days! YES! 4 months of ESGI at no cost whatsoever, but you have to ACT NOW!  The promo code is only effective through July 12, 2016.  Once you have registered for your free trial, please use the link below to enter your new ESGI Username in the Woobox Contest Manager App for a chance to win a NIKON CAMERA D3300.  

Click the link below and enter your active ESGI Username.


Leave us a comment if you’ll be in Vegas. We would love to hear from you and we hope to see you soon!





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