Wacky Wonderful World of Words

Join us Wednesday, April 26 at 7:30 (EDT) for a free webinar with early-childhood expert, Kim Adsit! Kim will share how she teaches words—sight words, vocabulary, word families--through strategy mini lessons. She will share how she organizes and implements the mini lessons. Then she will share mini lessons that will teach word strategies that your kids can use as they become fluent readers. Your kids will become strategic readers as they learn how to attack words with confidence!

Turn EVERY Child Into A Writer, Instantly!

Join us Wednesday, March 29 at 7:30 (EST) for a free webinar with early-childhood expert, Palma Lindsay! Discover tricks and tips to get kids excited about writing. You'll learn how to make writing so simple even your struggling writers can be successful! Also included are tools to assess each child's writing skills. Palma will show you how to make writing so much fun that your students will beg to write! Who should attend?

I'm Done with Centers! Now What??

Join us Wednesday, February 22 at 7:30 (EST) for a free webinar with Kindergarten expert, Katie Mense! Having trouble keeping your students busy and engaged during center time? Does your classroom get a little rowdy and chaotic with early finishers who don't have anything to do? This session will give you lots of ideas, tips and resources to keep your kids actively engaged for the entire time! Katie shows you how to make these activities meaningful and manage them so the students are not choosing the same activity everyday.

Ready to win $500 for your classroom?

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FAQs from First Grade Teachers

Are you a first-grade teacher wondering if ESGI is can save you time and manage your assessments? Find out why ESGI is the easiest assessment software to use with beginning readers! Do you have tests for first grade? YES! ESGI has over 700 preloaded assessment to choose from created by top teachers who are also presenters and bloggers. Many of these tests correspond to top selling TPT products. Click these links to find out more about tests perfect for first grade!