NEW Feature! Grade Report

We are excited to announce report card grades can automatically be calculated by subject area with the all-new Grade Report. Just set up your Grading Scales and run the Grade Report.* The scores are customizable to correspond with each district’s grading range and scoring system.

Tuesday Tips: Focus on Fall with ESGI

School is back in session everywhere and every teacher knows to start the school year off on the right foot, you need to have your classroom organized. However you choose to manage your classroom, one thing is for certain, you should have all your classroom materials prepared and ready for the first weeks of school. For most elementary teachers that means creating all the lists, charts, labels and bulletin boards you will need to establish order and repetition for your students. Instead of using Microsoft Word or some other manual process to create basic classroom templates, CMT Templates provide hundreds of customizable ready-to-use templates that can be printed or downloaded.