FREE Webinar with Marsha McGuire: Yes, You CAN Differentiate Math Stations

Join us for a free webinar with Kindergarten expert, Marsha McGuire! If the thought of differentiating math stations leaves you panic stricken, this is the webinar for you. Not only can you easily differentiate your math stations, but they will be your students' favorite activity of the day. Gather ideas for engaging activities, organizational tips and techniques for addressing your students' varied learning profiles, interests and levels of readiness.

Super Friends Save Their Colleagues 400 Hours!

ESGI is on a mission to “Save the Teachers!” Now through ESGI’s SUPER Friends Rewards Program, subscribers are saving their colleagues 400 hours a year with this exciting offer. Emily Michels referred three friends at Liberty Elementary in Tennessee. Yvonne Wagner referred four friends at Old St. Mary's School in Illinois. Heather Killam referred two friends at Columbia Valley Elementary in Washinton. When a subscriber refers a friend, ESGI rewards the heroic efforts with:

Lee con Ángel and ESGI: Where Technology and Best Practices Meet

Bilingual teachers are painfully aware that there are more resources in English for children than there are in Spanish, but we don’t want to accept that. he online program started as songs and games. Later, stories and comprehension questions were written in Spanish. ESGI has played a crucial role in this journey because it hosts the digit versions of Lee con Ángel tests. Teachers who use ESGI Software for assessment purposes have the best of the digital age. Teachers we have met use ESGI for parent reports, report cards, RtI data disaggregation, test-item analysis to create small groups, and classroom management. Combine ESGI with Lee con Ángel in the classroom and you have a winning combination!

Back to School with ESGI and Friends WINNERS!

Our Back to School with ESGI and Friends partner promotion has concluded and we have three exciting reasons to celebrate. First, thousands of new teachers around the world started this school year with ESGI. These new subscribers are on their way to saving 400 hours this year on their one-on-one assessments. We're sure they are already using the custom assessments to get real-time student data that is guiding their instruction. Knowing that more teachers are saving time on the assessment process makes us celebrate!