Cut, Collage, and Create!

We love creating books with our kindergartners! And they love having literature to take home and keep their own copies of pieces of forever. But we want to keep our prep time to a minimum and make the children responsible for the work. So here’s a brief explanation of why and how we do that!

Krouch Early Childhood Center Success Story

We recently reached out to numerous partners and customers to better understand how they were introduced to ESGI and the impact it's had in their classrooms and districts. One of our first responses was submitted by the Krouch Early Childhood Center in Tecumseh Public Schools from Oklahoma.

No! We Are Not Teaching To The Test

Using data to inform instruction in reading is a very different thing than teaching to a test. Learning to read follows a prescribed path that expert teachers follow in order to lay a proper foundation for independent reading. This path includes components such as fluency, comprehension, and phonographic knowledge. Whether we use Dibels, Aims Web, DRA, or another formal measure, responsible reading teachers use these measures as a tool to find out which components of the reading spectrum children have mastered and how their skills can be increased. This is the responsible teaching of reading.