Grateful That History Graphs Make RTI Easier

We surveyed over 3,000 kindergarten teachers and wanted to take the month of November to share a few of the reasons they are grateful for ESGI. This week we start off with how grateful the teachers are for our History Report and how it helps tremendously with Response to Intervention (RTI).

Help Us Give Back This Season with Free ESGI Through June

This holiday season, we are partnering with Milk + Bookies, an organization that spreads the love of reading to children who can't afford books of their own and teaches them the importance of giving. We want to help them with their mission and hope teachers like you will join us. Since it is OUR mission to help teachers overcome the unique challenges of early childhood education, we wanted to do something for you, too!

Three Tips for Writing Progress Letters

Informing parents about how their children are doing in school is an important part of your job. We know writing progress letters to parents can take a long time, so we wanted to share the 3 main things your letters should include to save you some time. Here are 3 things to include in the progress letter.