Teacher Appreciation Summer Bundle Giveaway

For National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4th-8th, ESGI is putting our appreciation in motion! This is an opportunity for everyone to show and share their appreciation for the hard working teachers molding the minds and lives of our children. At ESGI, we're celebrating with 5 days of giveaways in exciting gifts worth over $1700!

5 Things Teachers Do After an Assessment

Assessments are a way to find out what students know. It is important for teachers to use the data from these assessments to enhance classroom instruction and improve student learning. Here are 5 things that effective teachers traditionally do after an assessment has been given.

Sponge Time

As teachers, we know those special moments in the classroom in between activities when there is too much time to transition to the next activity, but not enough time to really teach a full lesson. These moments are the perfect time for the “sponge activities” that I remember learning about years ago when I first started teaching. Now that I am in my 35th year of teaching, these little sponges (fun, short and engaging) have become second nature to me.

Speaking & Listening: Fostering Oral Language Development

Teaching reading needs to be a carefully constructed experience, with it's multiple components thoughtfully in place, in order for children to be successful. One crucial component of reading instruction is oral language development. The Common Core Standards call for increased interaction with critical language skills and expanded engagement in appropriate academic discourse. Consequently, developing oral language skills in young children must be specific and targeted. Unless a child knows the meaning of a word in oral discussion, reading the word is meaningless.