Back to School with ESGI and Friends WINNERS!

Our Back to School with ESGI and Friends partner promotion has concluded and we have three exciting reasons to celebrate. First, thousands of new teachers around the world started this school year with ESGI. These new subscribers are on their way to saving 400 hours this year on their one-on-one assessments. We're sure they are already using the custom assessments to get real-time student data that is guiding their instruction. Knowing that more teachers are saving time on the assessment process makes us celebrate!

Welcome, SMORGIE! New Friend, New Tests and a Webinar

ESGI invites you to attend a free webinar with Greg on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 7:30 pm Eastern/4:30 pm Pacific. "Centers Made Simple with SMORGIE" will feature a teacher-friendly and kid-friendly way to manage your centers. Greg will describe how to use a center-management system that gives students voice and choice while increasing engagement. You will learn tips, tricks and strategies for center time as well as ideas for DIY centers. All participants will receive a

Two New Options on ESGI’s Parent Letter Report

ESGI users rave about our time-saving Parent Letter report… “I printed student reports for parent-teacher conferences last week and the parents were so appreciative and so impressed!” —Amy “I use the reports for fast resources at parent-teacher conference, SRT and IEP meetings as well.” —Emily Great news! With the addition of two new options, the Parent Letter report just got even more informative and helpful!