FREE Professional Development in Your Living Room!

ESGI is so happy to introduce Adam Peterson, founder of Teachers Learn Too! His idea to provide FREE professional development for teachers through a series of videos is truly inspiring. How cool is it to sit in your living room and, at your convenience, learn exciting new tips and tricks to help with your instruction! Let's find out more about Adam and Teachers Learn Too. I have taught Kindergarten for the last 10 years at Saratoga Elementary School in Morris, IL. I love Kindergarten because it's where all the fun is! When I'm not teaching, my wife and our two kids love to be outdoors, play games, do crafts, and watch movies! I'm also a singer/songwriter and run a photography business on the side.

School Valentine's Day Celebrations

Valentine's Day celebrations at school allow children to show kindness towards others. They can be low-key, fun celebrations of friendship. They do not need to be full of sugars and sweets! I like to have a healthy snack option for the children, a craft to make and one or two activities to do in a one hour time-frame. It is a nice, but not necessary gesture to make and send a little keepsake gift home with the children for their parents.

Easily Assess Your Students

A simple and secure assessment platform that provides a frictionless process to conduct one-on-one assessments. Use the pre-loaded tests, or create your own assessments, to quickly gather student performance data and automatically generate multiple reports. The data in ESGI is also used for populating personalized parent letters & flash cards, identifying individuals or groups for targeted instruction, and customizing the learning environment to promote focus areas for academic growth. Try it today and and reclaim your 400 hours!

Growing Young Writers

Teaching children how to write is very different from teaching children how to think of themselves as writers. Teaching writing involves learning to hold the pencil properly, to slant the paper and to form the letters within the guidelines. While it is true that written language must be legible, learning to do this is very different from generating ideas worthy of being written down.