ESGI Kindergarten
Community Survey

99% of Teachers Feel They Make a Difference

The largest survey of Kindergarten teachers ever conducted indicated that Kindergarten teachers are “passionate … and enthusiastic about their roles in the lives of children.”

Top Research Findings

  • Working with young students and building
    relationships directly led to teacher

  • 99% of respondents said they were making
    a difference on a daily basis

  • Kindergarten teachers feel like they are
    making a difference more than educators in
    general or other professions

ESGI surveyed over 3,100 early childhood educators. According to Dr. Flow, “Kindergarten teachers are passionate about working with young children…These teachers are enthusiastic about their roles in the lives of children.” They also believe that “building relationships with children and their parents are key elements” to their satisfaction.

About the Author
Dr. Cindi Flow
C&J Associates
Dr. Flow is a noted education expert and assists education companies with products that are high quality and can truly make a difference. Her research identifies classroom and systemic successes and highlights areas where other schools and districts can implement these innovotions.