ESGI Features

Over 1,000 Preloaded Assessments

Custom tests by our Friends of ESGI!

All of the custom assessments that you've been asking for are now available in digital format at no extra cost with your ESGI subscription!

  • Kindergarten CCSS Assessments
  • Kindergarten CCGPS Tests
  • Preschool Kindergarten Tests
  • Transitional Kindergarten Tests
  • Texas ELA & Math Tests
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Create Custom Assessments

Build your tests the way you want them!

In addition to over 700 pre-built assessments, you can design and build your own custom tests specific to your students and curriculum. Quickly and easily transition any paper-based assessments you are currently using in to the ESGI system and start saving time and trees today!

Share Assessments

Work with your team to transition your paper assessments to ESGI!

Once your paper assessments are in the ESGI online system, they can easily be shared with other teachers in your school or across the district. Every teacher deserves the opportunity to recover 400 hours per year, no matter what assessments you are required to administer!

Charts, Graphs, and Reports

What's the least known letter in your class?

Find out instantly with ESGI's automated tracking and reporting system. Use real-time student data to:

  • individualize lessons
  • create small groups
  • guide whole class instruction

Collect raw scores and track detailed student progress over time. Spreadsheets are functional, but visualization is vital! That's why we provide the data teachers and administrators need in easy - to - read charts, graphs and reports.

Personalized Parent Letters & Practice Cards

We make it easy to demonstrate progress!

Every parent wants to see their child make progress throughout the year. Utilizing our personalized parent letters, in both English and Spanish, you can quickly show parents just how far their child has come and provide them with resources to continue that momentum.
With one click of a button, generate letters for your entire class with corresponding practice cards, specifically aligned to each child's needs

Administrator Accounts

Track Data for Your Whole Early Childhood Team!

  • School and District Administrator reports provide real-time student performance data for the entire Early Childhood Team.
  • Early childhood performance data can be exported and uploaded in to the districts' K-12 data-management systems in most cases.
  • Using ESGI’s Pre-Assess accounts, Principals and APs make informed class placement decisions for incoming kindergarteners.
  • Teachers spend more time teaching and less time assessing with ESGI.

Schedule Parent Conferences

No more handwritten scheduling forms!

Use the simple template and the preloaded student names to quickly schedule parent conferences. Automatically create personalized, professional-looking letters and reminders in either English or Spanish. Print or email these forms to parents throughout the year as needed, and support your administrative staff with your complete and accurate parent conference schedule.