ESGI Kindergarten
Technology Survey

Classroom Technology & ESGI Recommended by 97%

ESGI surveyed over 2,300 early childhood educators. Dr. Flow found that technology was making a significant difference and ESGI in particular was enhancing academic success.

Top Research Findings

  • Assessment data was used to individualize
    interventions, guide whole class instruction
    and directly involve parents

  • Almost 50% of teachers surveyed use
    ESGI at least once a week

  • 97% of the surveyed teachers would
    recommend ESGI to another teacher

ESGI surveyed over 2,300 early childhood educators. According to Dr. Flow, “the Community Survey illustrated significant uses of software by teachers to enhance their ability to assess their students. The data they receive generated individualized interventions, guided whole class instruction and provided a means to directly involve parents in their young child’s academic success.”

About the Author
Dr. Cindi Flow
C&J Associates
Dr. Flow is a noted education expert and assists education companies with products that are high quality and can truly make a difference. Her research identifies classroom and systemic successes and highlights areas where other schools and districts can implement these innovotions.