Why Student Self-Assess For Your Classroom?

ESGI’s new testing option, Student Self-Assess, allows students to independently take assessments while freeing up valuable time for the teacher. Self-assess tests are presented in an easy-to-use multiple-choice format and teachers receive immediate feedback on student progress.

How Does it Work?

Using our introductory series of tests, choose a student, then select which way to test based on their individual skill set. Self-assess can take place on individual devices in the classroom or in a lab setting. Multiple tests can be assigned at once and the audio feature assists students in completing the tests. Teachers receive immediate feedback on their ESGI home screen.

Transition Students to Self-Assess

ESGI provides assessments which allow teachers to introduce students to using a computer or tablet in an educational environment.

Focus Instruction on Student Needs

Teachers can provide one-on-one assessment for students who need additional support while allowing other students to self-assess on tablets and computers. This maximizes teacher time with students who may need it the most.

Benefit from Student Grouping

Teachers can group students to assess a variety of skills within the same period. Teachers can now provide teacher-led assessment for skills requiring observation or verbal responses while assigning another group of students the self-assess tests.

Test Features

  • Practice assessment for technology introduction
  • Audio provided of questions and answers
  • Offered in multiple choice formats
  • Assessments include colorful, engaging images

Skills Tested in ELA/Math

  • Word Attack Skills
  • Number Sense & Operations
  • Writing Conventions
  • Language Conventions
  • Solve Equations
  • Place Value