Why ESGI Specialist Accounts?

Teachers and Specialists work together to save time, differentiate instruction, improve learning, and guide instruction

Save Time

  • 400 hours a year with progress monitoring
  • Automate charts, graphs, and reports
  • Collect raw scores and track detailed student progress over time
  • Convert your raw score into your district’s grade scales
  • Automatically share data with homeroom teachers and other specialists

Differentiate Instruction

  • Individualize lessons based on real-time data
  • Inform IEP goal writing
  • Modify ESGI tests to meet student needs or create your own
  • Find developmentally appropriate assessments in ESGI Test Explorer

Improve Learning and Guide Instruction

  • Outline gaps in learning with ESGI reports
  • Use ESGI’s subtest option to adapt any test
  • Test both receptive and expressive identification