3 Test Types!

ESGI’s library of ready-to-use tests, called the Test Explorer, contains 3 test types to choose from. All tests can be used as-is or modified to meet your needs!


Yes/No tests have multiple questions and can be administered with the student and teacher looking at the same screen or linking two devices. The student answers the question on the screen, the teacher listens to the answer, then marks the Yes or No buttons on the bottom of the screen.

Examples of Yes/No tests:

  • Identify Letters and Sounds
  • Identify Numbers
  • Concepts Of Print
  • CVC Words

Single Score

Single Score tests have one question and multiple points. The teacher observes a child and assigns them a score.

Examples of Single Score tests:

  • Count to 100
  • SEL Self-Control
  • Independent Reading Level


Rubric tests are for observational assessments for any subject. Our rubric template contains criteria, descriptors, and a scale to match any curriculum.

Examples of Rubric Tests:

  • Reading Fluency
  • Oral Language Presentation
  • Writing
  • Math Problem Solving
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • K Readiness